Education has changed in both its focus and outcome, It is no longer an exercise that has a career in its mind because ultimately man as a social being and without social skills cannot live life to its fullest.

Numerous research has been done in the field of education and 21st century skills have been identified. It is the acquisition of the skills that develops the personality of child that helps them to adjust with his family, friends and peer.

It is our endeavour to harness the skills while giving the child a temperament not only to put his thought in whatever he does but also to ensure that he achieves excellence and self-confidence in everything that he handles. We offer an array of opportunities and make our children responsible in whatever they undertake.

Leadership skills and decision making are the key components that we keep in mind when we encourage them to towards activity. We understand the need for a genuine patriotic spirit with the national outlook so that we can have a global vision.

we have integrated amongst various activities, NCC (girls battalion) and an Military Training Wing so that students can actually bring out the best in themselves and lead this country to a bright future.
Jai Hind Jai Bharat!

AK Singh
Squadron Leader (Retd.)