Dear Parents, Students and Teachers,
Warm Welcome to Dr. MPS World School

Imparting of International level education experience in both scholastic and co-scholastic domains preparing World School Students for global citizenship imbued with Indian Values is the single motive of MPS World School fraternity.

Dr. MPS World School’s family believes that to make our students meet head-on the challenges of 21st century with confidence, rational knowledge and strength of character is essential and inescapable”, with this guiding ethos, MPS World School continuously strives to installs Indian Values, Indian Soul and global perspective among its student community; It is a school that inculcates the culture of excellence and is an expression of Values.

I strongly believe that ‘Extra-Curricular’ is not the right word to define non-academic inclusion in school scholastics. For MPS World School befitting word is ‘Co-Scholastic’. These Co-scholastic events and happenings namely music, Dance, Art & Craft, Sports, Student Club Events, Dramatics gives freedom for students to visualize, innovate and develop as creative young thinkers. Through these happenings self-confidence, cultural sensitivity and leadership qualities of students are enhanced.

This makes MPS students unique and ready for Today’s challenging and inevitable continuously disrupting environment.

I welcome all students, the future of India, to develop holistically and be ready to serve their motherland.

Neelam Singh
Founder & Co-Chairperson