Dr MPS World school pedagogy focuses and stresses development of self-confidence in children by inculcating skill of being curious, explorative and self-discovers the world around.

Incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy pragmatically in class lesson deliberation, teachers ensure every child develops competency in reading, writing, listening, speaking, problem-solving, measurement and use of information and communication technology.

The Primary classes’ curriculum offers every child multiple and multi-domain opportunities to express themselves with confidence by engaging child in an inter-disciplinary individual and group activities designed as to inter-relate Mathematics, Science, Social Studies/EVS, English and Hindi/Sanskrit languages with real world.

At Dr. MPS World School, equal importance is given to individual’s Personal, Social and Physical Health through its unique simulated Military School Training program and NCC program for Girls, beside mandatory sports and physical training classes.

Being one of the best CBSE School of Agra, Dr. MPS World School make certain that the students engage in field trips, learning excursions like visit to Post office, projects sensitizing to community needs like serving at Old Age Home, and presentations that provide practical learning.

School assembly provides every child a platform to showcase skills in Dance, Singing, Music, Yoga, Dramatics/Skits, Speech, and other similar co-curricular activities that boost their confidence and promote well rounded development.

Teachers sensitize children to different touches by different people and how to react.