• Discover & Learn

    Dr. MPS WS students develop logical knowledge by seeing and exploring the world around them through sensory cognition using all the five senses and reasoned comprehension.

  • Unveil-Cultivate-Foster

    Dr. MPS World School fraternity strongly accept that ‘Extra-Curricular’ is not the right word to define non-academic inclusion in school scholastics. For Dr. MPS World School befitting word is ‘Co-Scholastic’.  These Co-scholastic events and happenings namely Music, Dance, Art & Craft, Sports, Student club events, Dramatics, gives freedom for students to visualize, innovate, and develop as creative young thinkers.

    Through these happenings’ self–confidence, cultural appreciation, expression, appreciation, sense of rhythm, skills of team work, cultural sensitivity and leadership qualities of students are enhanced.

  • Infer & Innovate

    Students with deluded awareness and intelligence are indeed misled. Such students do not attain knowledge and skill. Student with deluded conduct (character) can reform themselves, but there is no Hope for student with insensible, unsharpened, passionless education.

    Building on the skills and knowledge acquired by the students in the earlier classes, at World School the curriculum is delivered through projects and experiential learning modules, to give students a deeper opportunity for engagement with the subject matter.

  • Civilize & Accomplish

    Dr. MPS WS teachers look towards identifying and supporting each student’s potential and recognizing their strengths, as well as building their unique capacities.

    We aim to create a fine balance between academic excellence, artistic expression, and practical skills supporting the emotional and social development of all students.

    Life skills, social skills, thinking skills, decision making and problem solving, emotional skills and attitudes and values are embedded in the teaching methodology which provides student opportunity to debate, speak on public platform, get empowered by experience gained through workshops and social activities.